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This is what's funny at 1 AM - simply
beyond me
This is what's funny at 1 AM
Arrow of Abyss (12:59:05 AM): Have you ever noticed how useless the letter "C" is?
Arrow of Abyss (12:59:13 AM): Any sound the C makes can be made by another letter
Arrow of Abyss (12:59:15 AM): Eff that guy
Arrow of Abyss (12:59:27 AM): He's like, the moocher who comes in and steals everyone's job
Arrow of Abyss (12:59:30 AM): then does it more poorly
Arrow of Abyss (12:59:32 AM): and lazier
Arrow of Abyss (12:59:33 AM): he's the mexican
Arrow of Abyss (12:59:36 AM): of the alphabet
xthelinesblurx (1:00:27 AM): If I was cody hart I would say "black"
Arrow of Abyss (1:00:40 AM): I'm hereby a konshientious objektor of the letter "C"

Clearly ,I think I'm very clever.

Still haven't gotten that book report that was due LAST Friday done.