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Scary Dream - simply
beyond me
Scary Dream
I was with a cast of characters my mind had made up previously, who I had interacted with before this point. Young college students, a little older than I am, mostly girls. The setting was also familiar, though I had not remembered the setting until I was back in the place in my dream. A little theater/class-room building with an amphitheater. We were going to watch a movie. The girl started talking to me about God and all of that. Said that if I didn't change my heart (or something like that?) I would regret it. That the end was coming, that it'll be over soon and that if I don't do something it'll be too late.

I got pissed, we screamed at each other for a little while, and I stormed out. I'm in a gravel parking lot, and these guys parked next to me peel out really fast spraying me with dirt. I flip them off, give them a dirty look, curse, or something like that. Four angry eyes peer back at me from behind sunglasses (they all had beards, too, like the blokes from ZZ Top). I knew right then that I was boned. They had death in their eyes, and as they wheeled the car around...


and I woke up.
Scared the shit outta me.